Why are the VA’s computers not logging and fixing problems in its log files?

The government has been investigating the computer systems of the Veterans Administration and is expected to report its findings to Congress within days.

But the VA has not shared any of its findings with Congress, and some veterans are questioning whether the VA will cooperate with investigators.

“I don’t think the VA is cooperating,” said Matthew Cavanaugh, who served as an Air Force pilot from 2006 to 2012 and currently works as an adviser to a nonprofit group that works with veterans.

“They have not provided any information.

We have heard from veterans, but the VA, as you know, has been secretive.”

A veteran who worked in a VA medical facility in Pennsylvania and was on the verge of being discharged said the VA did not respond to repeated calls and emails.

“The VA has done absolutely nothing to help us,” said the veteran, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he feared retribution.

Cavanaugh said he believed the VA had failed to provide him with the information he needed to be discharged.

The VA declined to comment for this article.

The veteran’s attorney, Robert H. Nardone, said his client is a veteran with PTSD and he believes the VA should have done more to help him.

Nellie Smith, who represents veterans in the VA and the Justice Department, said she is disappointed in the lack of cooperation.

“Vets deserve better,” Smith said.

“We have to know what happened to them.”

The VA’s computer systems, known as the “logbook,” are designed to keep track of medical appointments, surgeries and other medical problems.

The logs also show what is happening in the health system.

According to the VA computer system, the VA health care system has an enrollment total of 3.7 million patients, with more than 775,000 of them receiving disability benefits.

Veterans who have received disability benefits in the past five years account for about 3.4 million of the total.

VA officials have said that the VA Health Care System has seen an increase in the number of patients who are not on disability because of health problems and are being treated at the VA.

The VA says the data are not accurate because they do not include patients who have been hospitalized or released from hospital because of illness.

The official VA statement says that some data is incomplete because of missing cases and cases that have been dropped from the logs.

But in an internal VA document obtained by The Washington Post, VA officials say that the total number of people receiving disability is much higher than that and that the data should be adjusted.

One of the VA computers used by the veterans is an outdated one that was not updated since at least 2010, the report said.

The other computer system was not operational at the time of the audit, and it was not possible to determine whether the system had been updated or was not.

Some VA computers do not have the ability to automatically download and log all of the records it has collected, said Dr. James D. Hirsch, a VA epidemiologist and a member of the research group at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

He said that he is concerned that the computers have not been updated since 2012.

“We need to make sure that we do not let these problems go unreported,” Hirsch said.

Hirsch said the government’s computer audit was a “preliminary” review of the data, and that it was possible that other systems are missing data.

“It’s the same basic problem as every other VA computer,” he said.

Veterans have been demanding more information about the VA medical system, and many have complained about the system not being up-to-date.

Last week, President Donald Trump issued a directive that he said is designed to improve the VA system.

He has directed the VA to overhaul the way it collects data on patients who receive disability benefits and to improve its monitoring of patients’ health status.

In response to the government audit, the Trump administration announced that it would “begin implementing a plan to ensure that VA medical records are accurate and up-front.”

The Office of Inspector General for the Department for Veterans Affairs, which is part of the Justice and Treasury departments, will review the VA data.

The IG’s office will review data on the VA hospitals, clinics and nursing homes where veterans are receiving disability payments and will make recommendations to the Justice department and the VA inspector general.

Vets and veterans have also filed a lawsuit against the VA in federal court, seeking to force the agency to produce information about how it manages the medical records.

Since its creation in 1946, the Veterans Health Administration has been the federal government’s main health care provider for veterans, with the number one beneficiary of disability payments for veterans in 2014 being the VA itself.

The number of veterans with disabilities has more than doubled to more than 2.1 million since 2000.

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