Crypto coins and crypto-currency to beat BTC by about 3%, says analyst

The crypto-currencies bitcoin and ether have been doing well against the US dollar over the last few months.Bitcoin surged from $11,829 to $13,049 on March 20.Ether, which was founded in 2009, also hit a record high of $23,000.Now, Bitcoin is trading at $12,959.Ether has been rising more than 500% over the past month.Now it is […]

Leather table repair table repair: ‘It’s not broken’

A repair table has been repaired after a leather table was found to be broken during a screening test.The TV manufacturer has been contacted by the BBC News website.An employee at the repair shop in Leeds said: “We’ve had a number of customers come in and say, ‘We’ve been watching this show for years and […]

Why the mercury is rising in your home, says a researcher

The mercury has soared in some neighbourhoods in Vancouver, a city that has seen its mercury levels surge in recent months.A report by the Vancouver Climate Centre found that in 2016, the city recorded a 5.6-per-cent rise in the mercury in a single day, an increase that was greater than the 10 per cent increase […]

The Latest: US lawmakers pass $300M for VA repair table

Washington, DC—House lawmakers on Wednesday passed legislation to fund a $300 million repair table for the Veterans Administration, the latest step in a bipartisan effort to repair the VA’s broken health care system.The House Veterans Affairs Committee approved the bill by a vote of 10-0, with Vice President Mike Pence and President Donald Trump voting […]

When a repair table goes bad, you can fix it with a mill table repair

It’s not often you get to repair a table using a machine and a knife, but that’s exactly what a repair kit can do.In a few weeks, you’ll have a machine that will make it easier for you to get back to work, as well as make a whole lot of cash.The repair kit includes […]

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