‘If you look at what the world has changed since the 1930s, the world of today is not a pretty picture’: A look at how climate change is changing the world

The world has been hit by the worst global climate change since the Great Depression, which has seen the average temperature rise by 1.5°C, according to new research.

A report by the Climate Institute found that the temperature rise in recent years has been much greater than previous trends and the average increase was 4.5C.

The report said the rise in global temperatures was the biggest since records began in 1880, and is also likely to be the biggest ever recorded.

Scientists have been warning for decades about the damaging effects of climate change on the planet and the increasing likelihood of a severe weather event like a severe drought.

But the report says that despite these warnings, we have not seen much change.

The global temperature has been rising steadily over the last 30 years, the report found.

The new study used data from a network of satellites to measure the rate of change in the planet’s temperature.

It found that in the past 100 years, temperature has risen by 3.7°C.

This is the fastest increase in warming since records started in 1880.

And this increase is likely to continue over the next few decades, the study said.

“We have not yet seen the rapid increase in temperature we have seen since the last big ice age, when we had about 5 degrees Celsius of warming,” said Dr Peter Wadhams, of the University of Reading, the lead author of the report.

This is not because we have been keeping our cool, but rather because we are continuing to emit CO2, he said.

The scientists also found that during the period of extreme heatwaves, when temperatures were rising faster than they have since the 1970s, temperatures had remained relatively stable.

During the last decade, temperatures have risen by just 0.5-0.8°C per decade.

During periods of milder weather, such as this one, temperatures also have stayed stable.

The researchers found that even in the absence of any global warming, the global temperature would be slightly warmer than it would have been without the impacts of greenhouse gases.

But because these warming effects are still occurring, we can expect that the effects of global warming will continue.

“I think the impact of climate on the world will be greater than it has been for a while,” Dr Wadham said.

Climate change has already affected people’s lives, causing widespread hunger, water shortages and increasing the risk of disease, the researchers said.

But in addition to the health consequences, this will also have an economic impact.

The world has lost about $500 billion per year because of the loss of biodiversity and the loss in productivity due to the effects, according the report, published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

“This loss in biodiversity, biodiversity loss in food security, productivity losses, loss of water security are all of the consequences of climate disruption that we have all been hearing about, but we haven’t seen much of,” said James Hansen, a former US vice-president and chairman of the Intergenerational Panel on Environmental Change.

“The impacts on the global economy are enormous,” he said in a statement.

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