Fox News: Fox Business hosts discuss their trip to the White House

Fox Business host Chris Wallace said Wednesday that his company, Fox News Radio, has donated to a “motorcyclist” named Chris Stacey.

“Chris Stacey, who is the founder of Fox News and Fox News Channel, donated $1,000 to the Fox News Fund,” Wallace said on his show.

“We’ll let you know if he makes another contribution in the future.”

Fox News also donated to the Congressional Cyclists Association, which is working to raise money to repair the Capitol’s Capitol Rotunda.

“Fox News Radio donated $100,000 over a period of months to repair Capitol Hill,” the network said in a statement.

“They are also donating $100k to the CCA and will be providing all proceeds from their donation to the HillClimbers Foundation.

We appreciate Fox News’ continued support of this cause.”

Fox Business hosted Stacey last month.

In a segment on the Fox Business Network, Stacey talked about a trip he took to the Capitol.

He told host Steve Doocy that he and a friend rode the Capitol Hill to Washington DC to see the new Capitol building.

“And it was just really beautiful,” Stacey said.

“It was a great place to be.

It was the first time that I’d ever been on a motorbike.

And we were just just riding around, and then I got to the South Lawn.

And I was just, I was really impressed.

And then I saw the first thing that I think I’ll never forget: the Capitol building, the White house, the Senate, the Capitol and the United States Capitol.

And it was so beautiful.

And there were people all around us. “

I remember looking down at the Capitol, and it just was a beautiful place.

And there were people all around us.

And when we rode through the South Capitol, we saw the Capitol dome and we saw what was on the roof, and we looked up and I thought, ‘Wow, that’s just incredible.

“He’s going to do a lot to help out,” Doocy said.”

He’s going to do a lot to help out,” Doocy said.

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