An antique repair service on wheels?

By Alex PareeneWASHINGTON, DC–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, an antique repair company is expanding to an entire block in East New York.

This means a whole block of businesses will have an antique, vintage, and antique shop, along with a collection of antique goods, as well as a store that sells and trades items from the 1800s to today.

The historic and antique business owners of New York City will benefit from the expansion of the antique business.

The business will be able to offer a wide selection of items from all eras, and the antique shops will offer a variety of specialty items.

For the past eight years, the New York antique and antique shops have been operating in an area known as West New York, a few blocks west of Times Square.

The New York Historic Preservation Association has been working with the antique and vintage business owners in the area to develop a plan for expanding and expanding the businesses.

In this expansion, the businesses will be allowed to have three stores, a second store, and a third store.

The expansion will allow the businesses to have an expanded inventory of merchandise and equipment, as they are now.

The expansion is being done on behalf of the New Yorkers Historic Preservation Board.

It was approved by the City Council last week, according to the company’s president, Peter Mascolo.

“It’s an exciting time for us, as we’re opening a brand new shop that will have a wide assortment of items,” Mascoli said.

“We are expanding to the entire block of buildings we’re building in this block, and we are hoping that this will create a community that is welcoming and inclusive.”

The owners of the company, called Old World Imports, are based in the New Jersey area, and they plan to open in the next few weeks.

They have plans to renovate a lot of buildings, but the real estate is still being negotiated.

The company has been operating a store in the East New Yorks area since 2015, and it has grown in size to a total of 14 stores.

There are currently four Old World imports stores in New York State, but Mascol said that this is the first expansion.

He said the NewYork City Board of Regents approved the expansion on their own and did not ask for a special permit from the City of New England.

“They don’t have to go through any paperwork, and that’s a great benefit for us because we can start building the business on our own,” Miscol said.

The owners plan to keep the Old World shop open and operate it as usual, but they plan on opening another store in East Hampton, in order to offer more antique and historical items.

They are hoping to open their second store in Long Island City in the coming months.

For more information on the Old West Imports business, visit or call 212-856-2733.

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